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How to take 360° photos using your mobile phone?
Watch this video or read the instructions below
How to take 360° photos using your mobile phone?
  • Shooting 360° photos with a smartphone is easy.  Whether you own an Android or an iOS device, you can download the Google Street View app from Google Play or AppStore.  The process is almost the same for both operating systems.  
  • Install the app and decide on the best (central) spot where you’ll stand to take the photograph.  After a few screens with tips and welcome messages, you’ll arrive at the homepage of the app.  Click on the “Camera” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to start the process.  A contextual menu will appear and choose “Camera” on the third option.
Chat Virtual Tour - how to take 360 photo using google street app
  • After selecting “Camera” you’ll be taken to the camera screen. The app will guide you through the capture process.  Essentially, the user has to (1) stand still, (2) hold the device steadily in the right position, (3) point the camera at the dot on the screen, (4) move clock-wise and hit all orange circles appearing on the screen.
  • Once that is complete, point the camera upwards and find the dot on the screen and repeat the process.
  • And lastly, point the camera downwards (avoiding your own feet from the screen view) and repeat the process.
  • At this point, the app has already begun “stitching” all images to create a 360° degree panorama.  The progress is indicated by an orange loading bar at the bottom of the screen.  As soon as the process is completed, the app will notify you by indicating that your 360° photo is “ready to publish.”
  • The images are now stitched together into one 360° image. While you are able to preview the raw version of the image in both Android and iOS devices, there are some differences in how you access them. Android and iOS users will need to press the “private tab” click on your image and press the “share icon”, and choose “share privately”, then save image or send it using you Gmail app. 
Chat Virtual Tour - how to take 360 photo using google street app
  • You may require a little bit of practice in order to take a good 360° using Google Street app.  At first, you may make some mistakes when pointing at some dots – just try again and move slowly and keep your movements stable.  After 2-3 attempts, you’ll definitely be able to capture a good shot.  
  • If you have a 360° camera, this process may be easier – but you don’t need that extra expense.
Quick overview: How to use Chat Virtual Tours Builder Software


What do I need to prepare for the virtual tour creation?

What do I need to prepare for the virtual tour creation?

  1. 360° photos of your property / premises (main image plus other rooms, i.e. bedroom, kitchen, study or any other separate areas of your property).
  2. Floor plans.
  3. For embedded ‘hotspots’ that you want to include in your virtual tour,  please provide: images or video files, text information, URL links, your contact email address that you want your visitors to contact you at.
  4. Give us your instruction where to embed these ‘hotspots’.
  5. Would you like us to include background music in your virtual tour?  We can choose the appropriate music file from our library or you can provide us with your own music file.
  6. Upload all files onto your google drive and create a shareable link for us to work on the project.
How long does it take to create a virtual tour?
Typically we would complete the project within 2-4 working days after receiving your order with payment.  Delivery is dependent on which package was ordered, and that all the necessary files and clear instructions have been given to us.  However, we always try to complete the project before the indicated deadline.  In any case, we can always communicate via Skype should you require any minor changes.
Do you have money-back guarantee?

Yes, we certainly do!  We offer 14-days money back guarantee, no questions asked.  We will do our best to keep our clients satisfied with the service that we provide and to continue working with us.

Can I upgrade from the Monthly payment method to the Annual payment subscription?

Yes, you can.  We will be happy to convert your monthly payment to annual payment subscription.  We simply offset what you have paid for your within the 12-month cycle and bill the difference to you.  However, if you have already made your monthly payment amount, value of which is over the annual payment price, we will just convert your subscription to annual payment method from then on.

Is there a contract period for my subscription?

No, there is no contract period for your software access subscription.  You can stop your subscription at any time.  However, if you have opted for the annual payment subscription, any refund will be calculated based on your annual payment made less the usage period (calculated based on the prevailing monthly-paid fee).

Does Chat Virtual Tours work on Windows & Mac?​

Yes, it’s 100% cloud-based and works on any operating platform, on any internet-connected device – even your phone.

Do I Need Experience or Tech Skills?

We designed Chat Virtual Tours to be 100% newbie-friendly. You require no technical skills or prior experience to make massive it work for you.

Support & Software Updates?

FREE & automated.  Ongoing updates are automatically pushed to the software so you’ll always have the most updated version.


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